At Clarity Professional Hearing Aid Center, Michelle Christie, BC-HIS is committed to helping her clients improve their hearing and quality of life. With a genuine commitment to serving the community of Fernandina Beach, FL, Michelle brings a wealth of expertise and a warm, compassionate approach to her practice.

Michelle Christie, BC-HIS, Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Michelle Christie, BC-HIS
Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Michelle Christie is highly qualified and deeply passionate about helping the members of our Fernandina Beach community regain the clarity of sound they cherish.

With years of experience and a genuine empathy for her patients, Michelle founded Clarity Professional Hearing Aid Center, a place where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care. Her vision for Clarity was simple yet profound – to create a space where individuals could rediscover the joy of clear, vibrant hearing through state-of-the-art hearing evaluations, personalized solutions, and ongoing support, empathy, expertise, and an enduring commitment to helping others hear the world more clearly, one patient at a time.

Michelle’s impact extends far beyond the walls of her clinic. She actively engages with her community, raising awareness about the importance of hearing health and participating in initiatives that promote accessibility for all. Her dedication to improving the quality of life for those with hearing loss has made her a respected figure not only in the hearing care industry but also in the hearts of her patients.

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
International Hearing Society Member
CareCredit member
Nassau County, FL Chamber of Commerce member